One night I happened to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent and I was instantly hooked. After watching a couple of episodes I realized that it was Vincent D�Onofrio�s acting as Detective Goren that was captivating me, and so I started digging up information on him and his career. This gave me a long list of movies and television shows he was involved with, and it only took seeing a few of them to become a fan.

I spent many hours visiting some of the excellent fan sites devoted to him, and concluded that they all seemed to be limited in what they could provide due to space and/or bandwidth considerations. Having plenty of both, I created this site as a place where I could display a larger collection of image galleries, information, and forum devoted to his career. I hope you enjoy what I have put together here and welcome your feedback.

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The buttons below will take to the various parts of the site. The Contents page provides a summary of what is contained in each area of the site. There is a lot to see here, so please feel free to take your time exploring it all. I frequently add new content to all the areas, so I hope you come back often. I suggest bookmarking the contents page for future visits.

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